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Plenary speaker

Professor Angela Tina Moles

Dr. Moles is a professor in the Evolution & Ecology Research Centre in the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences from the University of New South Wales (Australia) and she directs the Big Ecology Lab. Her primary research goal is to quantify the ecological strategies employed by plant species in different environments, and to better understand the selective processes underlying global patterns in ecological strategy. She currently has three major research interests focusing on the global patterns in plant ecological strategy (e.g. the World Herbivory Project), the advantages of clonal vs. sexual reproduction, and rapid evolution in introduced species.

Dr. Moles is very involved within the Australian scientific community. She is the vice-president of the Ecological Society of Australia, regularly gives public talks (e.g. Nerd NiteLinnean Society of NSW, TEDxSydney), does outreach activities with children (Scientists in Schools, Powerhouse Museum), and is a jury member for the L’Oreal for Women in Science Fellowship and was a judge for FameLab


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Twitter: @AngelaMoles1