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Symposium for Women Entering Ecology and Evolution Today (SWEEET)

Format & Motivation
Each year our symposium includes a series of panel discussions on a theme chosen to help women navigate the process of moving from their post-graduate work into a satisfying career. Due to a wide variety of factors (biological and sociological), academic women, particularly in the sciences, tend to find the transition from their post-graduate work to a career a difficult one to navigate. As a consequence, women tend to be less well represented in careers in the sciences. Our symposium is
designed to give women the tools and necessary support system with the ultimate goal of addressing this gap.

The theme for SWEEET 2015 is “Are we having fun yet? Methods and tips for measuring your success in academia” inspired by surveys of our past audience members indicating that they found it difficult to accurately gauge their own progress, and can consequently struggle with high anxiety, lowered confidence, and imposter syndrome. We will have a series of prominent scientists speaking about their own personal experiences with finding balance and confidence in their careers. The goal is to impart support and knowledge about self-worth to scientists in training through the sharing of information and networking opportunities.

Our intended audience for this workshop includes post-secondary students working towards a career in science, post-doctoral fellows, and pre-tenure level faculty. The focus will be on creating opportunities and networking for women, but people of any gender are welcome to attend any part of the symposium.


Dr. Nadia Aubin-Horth (Université Laval)
Dr. Jana Vamosi (University of Calgary)
Xanthe Walker (University of Saskatchewan)
Alix Conway (University of Saskatchewan)
Dr. Risa Sargent (University of Ottawa)

Schedule SWEEET 2015

9:00-9:10AM                       Introduction to SWEEET

9:10-9:35AM                       Dr. Madhur Anand will speak about personal interest and professional expectation: blazing trails and changing norms in academia

9:35-10:00AM                     Dr. Jeannette Whitton will speak about her experiences with finding rewards in meaningful community service

10:00-10:20AM                  Coffee break

10:20-10:45AM                  Dr. Steven Vamosi will speak about his experiences in becoming a female ally and developing policies for institutional equity and diversity

10:45-11:10AM                  Dr. Diane Srivastava will speak on her experiences in finding success through balancing multiple demands; the pros and cons of careers in academia

11:10-12:00PM                   Open to discussion involving all speakers and attendees

12:00-1:00PM                     Buffet lunch